Wooden Tunnel For MK4 Fenn Trap (Promo)

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Target Species:

  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Squirrels

Quality Hand crafted wooden tunnel built specifically for the Fenn MK4 trap. Features ¾ inch white pine with sliding top for easy access, key lock for safety and security, side slit hole to release trap safety, and end entrances.

This tunnel may be customized to accommodate your specific application or may be shipped without entrances for user modification. For more details, please contact us directly.


  • Sliding Top
  • Key Lock for safety and security
  • Inside hook to anchor trap
  • Oblong hole to release Fenn trap safety without contact with jaws and tredal plate
  • Options for entrances 2-inch holes or to spec or shipped without entrance holes.

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Additional information

Dimensions 20 inches Long, 9 inches high, 8.5 inches wide
Weight 8 lbs
Materials Wood Type: White Pine