Rodexit Rodent Proofing Strip


Target Species:

  • Mice
  • Rats

RODEXIT is the #1 award-winning rodent deterrent material available. Tested and proven effective by Danish Technology Institute.

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Guaranteed to be impenetrable to mice and rats, RODEXIT Rodent Proofing Strips is scientifically proven by accredited test institution to effectively protect your facility against pest attacks. The outer layer is made of Santoprene™ from Exxon Mobil Chemical – a top of the line durable polymer material – that provides an intense durable weather seal while the embedded layer of 10 solid stainless steel wires create a long-lasting barrier for maximum protection.

RODEXIT Rodent Proofing Strips are designed to provide protection where pests are particularly aggressive or in facilities where maximum protection is required.

Recommended for: Restaurant, Food Service, School and University, Hospitality, Shopping Malls, Food Processing, Food Distribution and Storage, Grocery and Convenience, Door Manufacturers, and other areas that face potential for high rodent pressure such as alley doors.

Choose the right proofing:

RODEXIT Straight
Astragal gap of double doors; gap in or between stationary building parts, fences and/or walls.
Threshold gaps under door leaves of manual doors
  • Proven technology for guaranteed mouse and rat proof for the lifetime of the proofing strips.
  • Both version proof gaps up to 1.4 in (35 mm)
  • Inner Core: 2.4 inches (62 mm) wide and 0.13 inch (3.2 mm thick) with a barrier of 10 solid stainless-steel wires with a diameter of .4 inch (1 mm)
  • Strips can be cut to length for an exact fit.
  • Durable and long-lasting rubber outer weather seal
  • Versatile in use; easy to install
  • Adaptable to any irregular surface and reusable to any door

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