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Developed in conjunction with RODEXIT Rodent Proofing Strips, the RODEXIT Mounting Blocks provide easier and faster horizontal mounting on the bottom of door leaves. It is an essential aid to pest control professionals and building managers allowing quick installation. This tool will allow for any installer to complete a job with no additional help. We highly recommend this tool for all pest control professionals.

  • Free Hands for Fastening Screws
  • Secures Mounting Strip Against Door Leaf
  • Install Accurately Every Time with Elevated Position at 0.9 in (22mm) Above Ground
  • Brass Finished with 1/4 in Single-Side Indent
  • Weight: 17 oz (1.5 kg)

The Mounting Blocks can hold the RODEXIT Rodent Proofing Strips in place up against the door leaf (left) or hold RODEXIT Shield Protection Strips accurately in place at an elevated position by utilizing the indentation (right).

Pest Control Professionals can have both hands free for fastening the proofing strip and/or protection strip to the door leaf.

Pest Control Rodent Proofing Strips Mounting Blocks RODEXIT Mounting block in front of the metal shielding strip

This is a product for professionals, who have no desire to waste precious time because of inadequate equipment. Our installer love them and makes installing with just one technician a breeze.

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