Loop Mole Trap

SKU: FT004

Target Species:

  • Moles

This Loop Mole Trap has an improved modification. These traps work best in straight or traveling runs.

They are positioned below ground and will be invisible to unauthorized eyes. With a slight covering of soil and herbage. Once in the ground they will be protected from any farm or other vehicles.

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Additional information

Dimensions Open and Sprung: 90mm L x 90mm W x 80mm H
Weight 0.22lbs /100g
Materials Jaw Wires: BS1052 Galvanized Mild Steel Base and Trap Plate: EN10270-1 SM Galvanized Springs: EN10270-1 SM Galvanized Flat Jaws: CR1 Chains: Zinc Plated Brass Parts: EN1652 1998 CW508L CZ108 H/Hard 22080310
Safety Info Warning! This trap can break human fingers.