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Ratastic News “Child’s Play” Edition

Rats, for all the baggage that comes with them that makes them so odious to us, are a lot like us in many ways. They laugh.  They display altruism such as we’d like to see more in our fellow man. As it turns out, they like to play for the fun of it.   Like little […]

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Ratastic News — “Alcoholic Rats and The Rat Who Leapt Into the Great Beyond” Edition

After a dry week with no rat news to speak of, it seems in this edition we’re going to make up for it!  “the truth is stranger than fiction!”  So in this edition, we want you to think back to when we wrote that rats and humans have a lot in common–we’re going to be going to […]

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It’s Coming On Fall! Time for Rodent Proofing Your Home and Business!

In approximately 180 BC, the comedian and playwright Titus Macchius Plautus observed this about the mouse, (which is true also of rats): Cogito, mus pusillus quam sit sapiens bestia, aetatem qui uni cubili nunquam committit suam : quia si unum ostium obsideatur, aliud perfugium gerit. But ne’ertheless reflect, the little mouse, how sage a brute it […]

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