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This is a very easy trap to set and use. Set in the runs (tunnels) leading to or from a fresh mole hill.  


  • Moles
These scissor traps are increasingly recognized as being one of the best ways of clearing out moles on the market.These durable traps should be set in shallow surface runs, particularly in the spring, when breeding behavior causes moles to become more active and noticeable. The trap may need to be weathered before it is used so that it loses its characteristic smell, but once it has been properly set up, this trap is very easy to set and use.


Made for professionals

Safety Reminder – The spring on this trap is powerful. BE VERY CAREFUL when setting and handling this trap

Lucas Geer

Worked well very effective little mess and easy to dispose of the pests

Dimensions  Sprung: 160mm long x 70mm wide x 30mm deep Open: 160mm long x 70mm wide x 70mm deep
Weight120 grams / 4.3 Ounces
MaterialsJaw Wires: BS1052 Galvanized Mild Steel Base and Trap Plate: EN10270-1 SM Galvanized Springs: EN10270-1 SM Galvanized Flat Jaws: CR1 Chains: Zinc Plated Brass Parts: EN1652 1998 CW508L CZ108 H/Hard 22080310
SafetyWarning! This trap can break human fingers.
3 stars
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