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David Bennett from The British Rat Trap Company Catching a Rat !

Irony is more noticeable the older we become, we have our share on the home front at the British Rat Trap Company, located in Syracuse New York. A rat has been hanging around the bird feeder all winter, a cunning, shrewd animal has avoided getting caught, defied both Sam the dog and I with random brazen appearances, insinuating “come on boys, you have to be…

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Set up instructions for FENN MK4 & MK6 Traps

Summary  Steps to set up the genuine Fenn Mk 4 and Fenn MK 6 traps. The differences are the MK 4 Fenn trap, has a 4-inch span when jaws opened, the MK 6, has 6-inch span, being larger also has more powerful spring. Due to additional size, spring strength on MK6, if you have smaller […]