Industrial Pest Elimination: RodeXit Proofing Strip Case Study for mice exclusion in restaurant.

David Bennett

Sergey Nemykin owner of  Industrial Pest Elimination from Silver Spring, MD.



As an early adopter, demonstrating adroit, innovative workmanship has embraced RodeXit proofing strips for exclusion.

He kindly shares images and comments from deploying RodeXit in a couple of local restaurants, primarily combatting mice issues. Our dialogue continues, additional questions, arise, driven by new challenges wily rodents have learned to overcome, ultimately to reach their desired goal. 


“Industrial Pest Elimination’s process is tailored to your unique situation to ensure you get the customized solutions you need for a clean and reputable restaurant, food preparation facility, commercial kitchen, or grocery store.”


“I used your sample door sweep last night (see pictures), it was so easy to install, fits perfectly.”

“It took no time at all to install it , this is what I like about it . I’ve spent 5 minutes on installation, it took more time to get the tools!! Speaking about tools: pair of diagonal cutters, marker and electric screwdriver, not much at all!!!
I replaced a brush type door sweep that was installed 6weeks ago, mice chewed right through in no time.”


 “This restaurant located inside of apartment building that we don’t service, so exclusion is very important here and RodeXit will do the job!! Now all mouse traffic should stop.”



Sergey commented on pricing of 27 yard roll ( 81 feet) roll/coil of RodeXit proofing strip.

To understand landed cost, helping calculate price for end user/customer, we are launching cost per linear foot calculator, available directly on website. In interim contact us directly we will provide the excel version. 


Doorsweep #1

“I replaced rubber door sweep this time, you can see on first picture mice
chewed right through this thing, this is mechanical room door leading into dining room of the restaurant




Doorsweep #2

“This is the same restaurant, back door leading kitchen to back service hallway (very close to dining room, mice would run through under his door and straight into dining room)  brush type door sweep replaced.”












TBRTC asked two questions:

1.The old and damaged door sweep was mounted on the pullside of the door, while the new
RodeXit WAVE door sweep is mounted on the push side of the door, we are curious as to why?

2.What sort of proofing device is the old door sweep, a rubber or plastic weather-strip, door sweep or something else?

“Yes, I mounted door sweeps on push side now. Used to do it on pull side but many door frames have big gap between frame itself and door, so there is space for small rodents or insects to get in or there is enough space for rats or mice to start chewing on door sweep and make a hole to go through. (You can see it on one of the pictures with rubber door sweep).



This is the one installed on pull side, it has a huge gap between the frame and door, so mice can easily get their teeth on rubber part and chew right through. Waist of time and money. 

“The large gap is how this door was from the beginning, I don’t think anyone cares about it. Nothing is built here by looking with at it from Pest Control perspective.”

“Not sure what kind of sweeps are those I replaced.”



Tips and Tricks

“This is how I install this door sweep without tape measurer.”


“First I attach one end with screw to the door (on same side with door hinges)”





“Second, make mark with sharpie on the other side of the door, where to cut door sweep.”




“Open the door, align the door sweep with mark I made on door itself, mark the sweep and cut it.”

“It fits perfect every time.”


Revisited to inspect initial installation.

“It is just fine, nothing wrong with it. I will keep you updated on it once in a while”  


Review short video about RodeXit proofing strips for the food industry.






If attending PestWorld 2019. mark it down, visit us at booth #’s 140 & 142.  

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