Case Study: Bryce Perry of Perry’s Wildlife Control

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Bryce Perry, owner of Perry’s Wildlife Control in Sacramento, California, is always looking for the next best trap with the best kill rate.  He doesn’t have time to keep going back for different traps if the traps he finds doesn’t work, and because his business is performance based, and he gets paid by the animal trapped, if the traps he buys don’t trap animals, not only does he not get paid, but people don’t like hiring pest control businesses that don’t deliver results.    If he doesn’t deliver results, he won’t get referrals.  No referrals, no business.  After researching rat traps online, he found the Fenn traps, and wanted to be able to purchase them in the United States.  Last year, he found the British Rat Trap company, and was finally able to buy his Fenn Mark IV trap. 

Bryce says the performance of the Fenn Trap Mark IV trap has been fantastic, with the best kill rate.  He says that the trap is almost guaranteed to catch something, with a better rate catching elusive target animals, which for him are squirrels and rats.    What he likes about the trap is that it combines the best of two kinds of traps—it has a lot of body gripper characteristics, but also has snap trap benefits of a quick, clean, humane kill.   “I’ve never had the trap go off and not catch something,” he says.  He has had issues in the past with other traps going off and the target animal escaping.   That makes him look ineffective to customers.  Not so with the Mark IV trap—he’s had in the last seven days, a 100% kill rate.  He says he doesn’t expect that kind of performance all the time, but he has been so impressed with the trap he’s purchased two more. He says if one trap can improve his bottom line so much, what would more traps for his business do?

Why is it good for business?   It’s simple math, he says.  He considers the traps an investment, and as California moves away from rodent poisons, traps are fast becoming the single best tool in his arsenal.  He spent $40.00 for the Mark IV Fenn Trap.  He gets paid $50.00 per animal he traps for his customer.  In seven days he has made $600.00 with the Fenn Trap Mark IV, easily recouping his cost for the trap, plus making a profit, and he is still trapping squirrels for this particular customer, who is no doubt pleased that he is eliminating the problem for them.    He says that because he charges per animal trapped, if he’s going back daily, his time isn’t wasted and the trap so far having a 100% kill rate helps his bottom line.  There’s no money in an empty trap, after all. 

What does he use to bait the Mark IV?   He uses a commercial squirrel butter or jelly, or peanut butter for squirrels, with direct application of these baits on the pan of the trap, which he places at the entrance to the tunnel he makes for the trap.   He likes to place the trap set up on rooflines, although he thinks that fence lines are best since fence lines are a sort of squirrel highway that they use to get from place to place.  To Bryce’s delight, he’s found by accident that rats like the same bait, and found the trap is just as effective rats even if squirrels were the intended target animal.

Bryce likes to educate his customers as to how humane the trap is, and this is one of its best-selling points, to him.   The trap is accurate, effective and humane.  Customers like that, and so does he. Bryce likes working directly with the owner of the British Rat Trap Company, enjoys David’s upbeat personality, his go-getter attitude, and his willingness to work with him as a customer.  

We are thrilled that Bryce has had a splendid experience with the Fenn Trap Mark IV, and that it’s helping increase the bottom line of his business and instrumental to exemplify the professional he is out in the field.


Postscript from The British Rat Trap Company.

Can’t thank Bryce enough for contributing this Case Study, his enthusiasm, commitment to his customers, knowledge, work ethic and more are infectious, results are important for his business in servicing his customers, if the application requires to euthanize the target animal, having the humane industrialized strength Fenn trap provides the perfect tool in his arsenal.

Anyone who has pest control issues in the Sacramento area, should call Perry’s Wildlife Control and benefiting tremendously from working with Bryce.

Thanks Bryce for the business and contributing this case study.  


Additional photo images

Latest photo images from Bryce 27th August, 2018. of often illusive California Ground Squirrel ” This Guy didn’t stand a chance”

Bryce Kindly sent over recent successful photo images of successful Fenn Trap Deployment.

” Everywhere I use your traps I have great success”

November 26th, 2018, Bryce kindly messaged this image over captioned “2 for 1”

February 2019- Bryce kindly forwarded more images highlighting success of the Fenn traps for his business.

March 3rd, 2019- Bryce Perry kindly sent another image, an example of helping his customers solve their pest issues.  We thanks Bryce for sharing the images and business for using the Fenn Traps.

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