5 Fenn trap Tips for a More Successful Hunt By Lucas Csaszar

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The British Rat Trap Company’s Trap line of Genuine Fenn Traps are not only the strongest and most reliable traps you’ll ever own, they are also highly versatile. Through experience using and deploying these traps, I came up with a few tips and tricks that I wish I had known when deciding to purchase Fenn Traps.

The tunnel boxes/cages from The British rat Trap provide a dark comfortable environment for critters to wander and explore. They also provide a safe shelter that offers food and raises curiosity. It is important to consider weathering of these boxes and cages. I use a waterproofing all-in-one stain for the pine tunnel and rust inhibitor clear coat spray for the galvanized cages.

Positioning traps  – Get creative!

  • Scissor traps can be laid on their side with trigger being set overtop of chipmunk/mole hole*.
  • Mk4 and mk6 can be used in and on tree trunks or branches as well as tunnels, boxes,tight confinedareas,along known trails and even in entrances to rabbit holes.

*Images of Fenn Scissor traps described as above. 


De-scenting Traps

It is important to keep your traps clean and free of and scent to avoid detection. Dawn dish soap alone is enough to clean any oils, dirt, debris, human scent from these traps. You can even go as far as logwood dye or boiling walnut hulls and submerge traps for 10-15 mins to simmer for rust preventative and “proofer” for added protection.

Location is key

Place Traps along known travel paths but you don’t want to upset or increase difficulty of common travel. Dark stained boxes or covered wire tunnels baited appropriately raise enough curiosity to lure whichever critter you baited for. Along commonly traveled tree branches, crotches or even the trunk depending on your dedication and even rabbit holes with appropriate licensing.

Learn more about effective trap positioning in our latest case study The Problem with Rats on the Farm.



First and foremost placing bait farther on the trigger plate or even a little bit on the underside of the trigger plate encourages the critter to reach further into the trap for a more successful and quicker kill. Peanut butter, Nutella seems to provide acceptable results as well as beef fat or and other meat remains depending on the animal of interest.


Creativity and ingenuity are key to a successful hunt. Try new things, think outside the box, and don’t be afraid to experiment with your Fenn Traps.

Tell us what tips you come up with!

Postscript  from The British Rat Trap Company 
Many thanks to Lucas Csaszar for contributing his second article, including the photo images related to his experience, using the Fenn traps. We learn all of the time from our customers deploying the Fenn traps and accessories yielding results and more. We encourage and are humbled with contributions to the site in addition to any feedback, thoughts and comments. 


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