Tredal plate adjustment

Item to add to check list when preparing, staging to optimize results with the Fenn MK4 and MK6 traps.

Glenn S. Waters, kindly demonstrated at our recent meeting in Scotland.

When the trap is primed to disguise it’s presence, in addition to foliage, sticks, grass, natural camouflage, to create secure familiarity to the animals run environment, for best results the tredal plate should be flat, parallel with the ground surface, so the animal does not have to step up, become spooked.

Have observed sometime the tredal plate sticking up at an angle.



Prime the trap

  • Review trap fully primed, check angle of tredal plate.
  • If required to adjust, a screwdriver will be required.
  • Prime set the trap
  • Engage the safety
  •  Do not deploy the brass trigger to plate hook

Adjust the plate

  • Carefully slide screwdriver over width of trap, under tredal plate, push up toward spring

Technique to adjust

  • Check safety remains secured
  • Hold trap with fingers underneath, place thumbs on top of tredal plate, toward opposite end of springs, towards the thumb loop for leverage.
  • Apply pressure with thumbs pushing down on plate, this will result in repositioning the plate to desired position.