Set up instructions for FENN MK4 & MK6 Traps


Steps to set up the genuine Fenn Mk 4 and Fenn MK 6 traps.

The differences are the MK 4 Fenn trap, has a 4-inch span when jaws opened, the MK 6, has 6-inch span, being larger also has more powerful spring.

Due to additional size, spring strength on MK6, if you have smaller hands, placement of fingers may vary, although the principle steps are the same.

For safety purposes with these industrial strength traps, devote full attention to the set-up, check that the safety remains engaged through all steps, until ready to fully arm the trap.

Mind your fingers!

NOTE: For safety and legal purposes these traps need to be set in a contained enclosure or an artificial or natural tunnels, depending on the environment and application.



How to set the FENN MK 4 and MK6 Industrial artillery strength rat traps.

First thing you notice about these traps is the ruggedized design, galvanized steel frame, powerful springs,  meeting laws and humane standards minimizing mortality time of the target animal.

Description of trap components

The components used for arming these traps are:

  • The Trigger plate or tredal
  • The brass colored Trigger catch
  • The brass colored trigger hook, mounted on spring end on of the trigger plate.
  • The Silver Safety catch/hook
  • Grip loop
  • Top cross bar
  • Spring coil
  •  Jaws and Anchor chain

Preparation to prime trap

  • Pick up  trap by hooking left Thumb in  grip loop, placing left hand fingers under the base.
  • With right hand fingers locate brass  trigger and  silver safety catch, on right side
  • Open both to right, the opened  position.

Preparing to open Jaws.

  • Place right thumb on the top cross bar, fingers griping under the spring coils

Opening the jaws to prime

  • Pull both thumbs apart descending top cross bar towards safety and trigger catch, opening the jaws.

Setting Safety and Trigger plate

  • Push silver safety hook over cross bar.
  • Flip over brass colored trigger catch, resting on top of cross bar.
  • keeping safety catch engaged, , using finger below to elevate the tredal  plate, squeezing cross bar downward, maneuver brass trigger catch, locking into brass trigger hook, keep eye on safety ensuring remains engaged.

Removing the safety

  • To prime, pull back silver colored safety catch.
  • For safety purposes Highly recommend when trap is ready and in place, remove the safety with a small stick, pencil, wire !