Ratastic News Week “It’s Raining Rats!” Edition

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This week’s edition finds large Rat frequents Maternity ward. Animal Shelter Ceiling Rat Infestation, raining maggots- manifests evacuation initiative. Rat Takeout dinner in NY subway. Raining Rats shocks customer eating noodles in Hong Kong Restaurant.

Last week’s quiz question! According to the US Dept of Agriculture, what is the second leading cause of wild animal and plant extinction? 

Answer: Invasive species like the rat.


This week’s quiz question: What rodent compulsively collects the feces of other animals?


Maternity ward nightmare in Lincolnshire England

A rat who was curious about midwifery, perhaps, decided to open himself up to new experiences and took a scurry down a hallway in a Lincolnshire maternity ward.  To his (or her) dismay, the expectant patients and a few of their families did not welcome the visit.  In a place full of joy, there was a pregnant silence, and then, according to The Sun, the mums-to-be who were reclining didn’t feel relaxed anymore!     “The facilities are just not fit for purpose. Rats in the corridors are the final straw. A representative of the hospital said, “We are carrying out some building works, which may have disturbed the rodent.”  Pest control contractors are investigating, but in the meantime, the rat’s burgeoning career in midwifery seems to be at an end. 

Meanwhile, across the pond in the States…

 Animal shelter adopts cats and dogs, but not the rats that infest it

If you want to adopt a pet, all you must do is go to your local animal shelter to find your forever friend.  Almost all animals are welcome at the shelter—but this shelter might give you pause because along with the dogs and cats wanting a home, there’s also been rats making the shelter their home.  WSB Atlanta reports that renovations are needed to eradicate the rats and all the animals need to go in order for renovations to go forward: “We have hundreds of pets that are already ready to leave the building. That means they’re vaccinated, they’re spayed and

neutered, they have a microchip. So, they can go home with you today for free,” said Karen Hirsch with Lifeline Animal Project. The shelter says there are more than 500 dogs and 60 plus cats that they’re calling MVPs, or most valuable pets. The county wants to clear the animal cages, so crews can get to work clearing the ceilings. That’s where the rats are living.” The problem is so bad, that maggots feeding on dead rats in the ceiling are dropping down on employees.


If THAT doesn’t give you the willies, we don’t know what will.  They’re hoping to rip out the hanging ceiling and have an open room concept so rats can’t live in the ceiling anymore.  Sounds like they need a little help with an Integrated Pest Management program, and we’d be glad to help! 

“Fast food rat” seen hauling huge bag of takeout down the street in New York City

New York City has been waging all out war with rats for a few years now.  It is estimated over 2 million rats live in the city—and they’ve thrown millions of dollars at the problem.  And the rats seem to be fighting back, waging war for the hearts and minds of the people of the city.  First there was Pizza Rat.  Then Avocado Rat, then Subway Rat who miraculously held on to a pillar while raging floodwaters flowed around him.    Then there was this HUMONGOUS rat, who, a couple days ago, got a yen for takeout.   He not only FOUND a bag of fast food, he decided, like any self-respecting New Yorker, to  take it home himself and dragged it along the subway platform instead of opting for delivery.   Could it have been Subway Rat? The Daily Mail explains and posted a video of Takeout Rat: “A gigantic rat was caught on camera dragging a tied bag of takeout food across a subway platform in New York. The clip, recorded by a shocked commuter, captures the monstrous rat as it grasps the yellow plastic bag between its teeth and begins dragging it backwards. It then scurries towards the platform edge with the food in tow before stopping for a moment to sniff at its haul.”    If its Subway Rat, one cannot help but be glad he survived the raging floods to be able to go get his takeout and bring it home.


Rats Fall from the Ceiling (Again) in Restaurant in Hong Kong

If you thought maggots falling from dead rats in the ceiling were gross, imagine being a wonderful woman in Hong Kong out for a marvelous bowl of noodles.  (We don’t know if you’ve ever been to an Asian ramen restaurant but a bowl of noodles  is not merely a bowl of noodles.  It is a feast).   So there she is, enjoying her ramen feast, and finishing up, with the bill beside her bowl,  when seemingly from the sky (but really the ceiling), a dark lump almost hits her in the head. Except the dark lump has a long, skinny tail.  And four legs, tits up.  The soul has gone to the Great Garbage Pit in rat heaven, but the body is lying on her table, next to her bowl of noodles, in sweet repose.   The Mirror goes on to explain the horrifying spectacle: “t is believed the rodent died after it had ingested rat poison. 

It comes after a pregnant woman found a dead rat floating in her soup at a Chinese restaurant.

PS:  This article comes with utterly horrifying and yet strangely fantastic photos of the dearly departed. Not for the faint of heart.  

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