Ratastic News Week “On the Road Again” edition

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Ratastic Newsflash, week of January 1, 2019 “On the Road Again” edition

This week we’re going to Pittsburgh, PA, somewhere we haven’t been before, then to Ottawa, Ontario, where a road trip loving rat scares the beejeezus out of the mom driving the car, and in Warren, Michigan, there’s so many rats they’re baiting along the freeway!   We can see why!  Nobody wants hitchhikers in the back of their car!

Last Week’s Quiz Question: What’s higher on the pain (psi) scale—a human bite, or a rat bite?

Answer: Rat bites are very painful. A human bite is 150 psi. A dog bite is 1000 psi. A rat bite is 7000 psi according to Bell Labs.

This week’s quiz question! Inventors are often a quirky bunch.  For instance, this American born British inventor who invented the first traditional mouse trap is also the same man who invented the first portable fully automatic machine gun. Who was he?

Rat Comes Over To Play in Herschel Street Neighborhood in Pittsburgh and Nobody Likes Him

Pittsburgh, PA is #19 on the 2018 Orkin Rattiest Cities list.    But from time to time, the rats of the West End make their presence known in the pleasant little neighborhood on Herschel Street where there’s a park—and a garbage dump on the other side of that park.   A woman saw a rat in her yard, and she was so freaked out she doesn’t feel comfortable allowing her 5-year-old son to play in the

yard.  CBS Pittsburgh explains: “The Department of Public

Works 5th Division building is a block away beside the yard debris dump that accepts leaves, grass and tree trimmings. Neighbors here say that’s the source of the rodents.”  They are also coming out of the sewers in the area.   City official believe the record rainfall in the area is bringing them out and they are setting out baits.   The resident that was interviewed for the article claim when she did that the baits didn’t work.   Maybe Pittsburgh needs to set out our traps!


O Canada!  We return to thee and thy rat problems in Your Capital..or How a Mother Vanquished The Hitchhiker Rats in Her Car

On the South Bank of the Ottawa River stands a mighty, old city by the same name—the glorious, stately, capital of a genteel nation.  From the National Gallery of Canada to the stately Parliament Hill, this clean and tidy city would belie any problems with sneaky, dirty rats.  And yet…the rats reside there, side by side with the posh and the middle class, as polite as Canadian rats can be.   The rats are so friendly that one decided to go on a Canadian road trip through downtown Ottawa to see the sights (along with six of his hidden compatriots), and was confused and frightened by the screams of his driver, a mother in the front seat who caught sight of his well-groomed self in the rear-view mirror. So much for Willie Nelson singing about how road trippers are the best of friends!  The mother may have been alarmed, but she quickly pulled out her traps (smart woman!) and promptly dispatched seven rats in her car over the next 48 hours!

CTV News fills in the story: “Once she pulled her daughter from the vehicle, Young says she noticed what appeared to be holes, chewed by rats, in parts of the backseat, the infant car seat and even her daughter’s winter coat. “It was disturbing to see and within (the next) 42 hours, I put out traps (and) I killed seven rats,” Young told CTV Ottawa. This Canadian Ninja rates high in our book and we hope her success will become yours when you purchase our traps


In Michigan, They Don’t Screw Around: Hitchhiking Rats Suffer the Death Penalty

Construction along Interstate 696 has brought out the rats in Warren, Michigan, and city officials

have locked and loaded!  MacombDaily expounds on the whys for the infestation: “The heavy pounding and excavation on the freeway that began last April between Interstate 94 to just east of Interstate 75 caused rats along I-696 to seek shelter, food and water elsewhere, sending some to the freeway service drives to the north and south sides of the 6-mile stretch of construction in Warren.” 

The city initially budged over $275,000 for rodent baiting across the city for the 2018-2019 fiscal year, but the construction that has flushed out the rats is requiring an additional $125,000 for laying baits all along the I-696 freeway.  The article concludes, “Mayor Jim Fouts said 128 poison bait traps and individual traps have been set up. They are checked every two weeks at a cost of $30 per inspection. The average amount of bait consumed by rats is 41.5 percent from one inspection to the next, he said.“If we didn’t have this baiting program, the rats (not trapped) would be in our neighborhoods,” said the mayor.“Fortunately, we anticipated this program and the City Council appropriated the needed funds,” said Fouts, who initiated the bait box program five years ago.”   The addition of traps   to coexist meeting criteria applications are solid for any IPM program making their targeted bait box program even more effective, because rats can build up immunity to certain poisons.   Plus non-target animals and birds wont have to die when they eat the poisoned rats.  We’re waiting for your call, Warren, Michigan!  

Thanks to attendees and fellow exhibitors at the New York State Wildlife Management Association meeting and expo. Learned abundantly from listening engaging people, thankful for orders for both traps and tunnels.


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