Ratastic News Week “Moving on In” Edition

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This week the horror continues with rats determined to take over the world! They eat kitchen appliances in a home in Boston, MA! Then on to London, England, where a woman’s flat has been so infested by rats that she accidentally ate rat pee!  A candy seeking rat gets stuck in a Florida school’s vending machine and has his fifteen minutes of fame thrust upon him, and a giant badass Chicago rat chases a Metropolitan Transit Authority agent out of her booth.

This weeks quiz question: 

What do the Mouse and Giraffe have in common?




Answer to Last weeks quiz question: 

What ONE thing do the black rat, pine marten, fox, otter and badger have in common?
They are mammals with repeated scientific names: Rattus rattus; Lutra lutra; Vulpes vulpes; Meles meles; Martes martes.


Kitchen appliance eating rat near Boston, MA drives family out of home

A fearsome rat in Shirley, MA, a community near Boston, has not only driven a family out of their

home, but also eaten a dishwater and kitchen cabinet to boot!  CBS Local in Boston reports that the family had heard complaints about rats earlier in the summer and then discovered their own home had been breached and invaded.  Between the traps and the poisons and all that. It ate our cabinet completely, just ate it away,” the resident said. “Our brand-new dishwasher, it completely destroyed it.” She says it was standing room only at the most recent town meeting – with many Shirley neighbors pleading for help. Calderwood wants her three kids to enjoy Christmas where they belong. “It just worries me no matter how much cleaning we do and how many checks we have on the house. That is going to take a long time to get over, for us to be really comfortable in the house again,” she said.  The community is having a meeting to discuss solutions this week.

Horrific infestation has woman accidentally ingesting rat pee!

We hope you’re not eating when you read this, because this is super gross.  We constantly tell you, our faithful readers, that a pound of rat prevention is worth a pound of curse.  Inspect the foundation of your house and fix any holes you see where rats and mice can enter from outside.  Don’t leave food and water sources in the yard.  You know the drill.    The failure of council housing to do these simple things has had sad consequences. A woman who has been living a horrific life with rats infesting her home, food and even water is so stressed out that the quality of her life is at a very low point, and she’s even considered suicide.  MetroUK reports:“‘I have found rat droppings in food I was about to eat

before, and I have accidentally ingested rat urine on one occasion. I’ve even been bitten, it’s been hell.’ She has lived in the council house since April 2018, and alleges she first saw droppings and urine around the house when she moved in. After a month of living there she claims she heard loud squeaks and witnessed rats running around her bedroom and attempting to bite her. Asia said while Peabody have laid down poison they have not permanently close the entry point for the rodents, which is located through the basement.

” This demonstrates that if you don’t fix the entry points, poisons aren’t going to do too much and you’ll  have to keep buying them, which adds up over time. Rats can also become immune to poisons.  Contractors were sent to fix the entry point, but she claimed that working conditions in her home were so poor that they couldn’t do the job.  Till the council house takes care of the situation permanently, they have moved her to temporary housing. 

Candy loving rat gets stuck in Florida school vending machine and goes viral!

Candy Rat wasn’t looking for fame when he hit the Mother Lode.   Imagine.  He’s scurrying on the floor nosing around for crumbs as we all do; hoping to achieve that rat American dream—getting rich.  As Candy Rat wandered into a Delray Beach school, suddenly the sun broke through the clouds and he heard an angelic rat chorus break out into heavenly song as what loomed in front of him, with a shiny halo of light around it, was rat Nirvana.   The shiny, glass front of a gigantic candy vending machine.  The Mother Lode.  Never again would he have to struggle and risk his life for every crumb.  He had visions of making his home inside the machine, nibbling on a little Snickers, maybe a PayDay, maybe some Frito Lay chips whenever he wanted to.    Really, a rat’s dreams are no different than our own.  As he wandered around inside Heaven, suddenly a piercing scream tore through his dreams.  WKYT adds:“The rat was crawling around near snacks, causing student to scream. One parent said she was “horrified” after seeing the video. Latoya Johnson told WPTV her daughter recorded the video of the rat inside. You can hear people shouting to not open the bottom to allow the rodent to escape. The school district notified an exterminator and the vending machine company to resolve the issue.”   Fame soon followed, with the video going viral and grossing out thousands all over the country.   There is no word on whether he got to enjoy any fame, or even got any candy.   Dreams die hard.

Chicago Rat Stages Coup d’ Etat of MTA Agent’s Booth

Chicago won the dubious honor of being Orkin’s #1 Rattiest City for 2018.  As if to underscore that point, a rat dreaming of taking over the world started with Chicago’s mass transit system and succeeded in taking control of an MTA booth and making the agent run for her life. The video shows the rat running across desks and the incident was caught on camera.   There is no word as to the mental condition of the MTA agent after facing such a formidable foe bent on transit domination. 




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