Ratastic Newsflash “Travelling, Hungry Rats Edition”

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Today we’re going to travel the world!  Rats love to travel too!  And eat! Remember that’70’s movie “Willard,” about the hungry, human eating rats?   It is true that rats will eat pretty much anything, including human flesh. In this edition, we show you a rat in South Africa who didn’t wait till the human’s toe they ate was dead…this one did it while the guy was still ALIVE.  We’ll go from South Africa to New Zealand, where residents of Christchurch say enough is enough and set 350 traps to eradicate invading rats!  Then on to America, where we’re also going to look at rat infestations at SEATAC (Seattle-Tacoma International Airport), and then we’ll travel to Wauwatosa, WI where the city council is debating whether to add rat control to the budget after a resident caught 30 rats and a chipmunk. Then we’ll have a return trip back to Miami, FL, where we were last week, to see that the state health inspector has shut down 13 restaurants in the city due to rats and roaches!  

South African Rat eats hole out of toe of famous British soccer player

Not quite the welcome anyone would want visiting a foreign country–The BBC reports that famous footballer Gary Mabbutt  who was defender for England and Tottenham and has 16 caps for England said a rat ate out a hole in his toe while he slept. He has Type 1 diabetes, and very little feeling in his feet, so he didn’t feel the rat snacking while he slept during a trip to South Africa.   Mabbutt said ruefully “All the opponents I’ve played against, and I finally get taken out by a rat!” The rat also ate a good percentage under his foot, nibbled his daughter’s finger in the next room, whereupon she came into the room and told him, “Daddy, I think something bit me.”  He thought at first it was a snake or a scorpion. Not so. 

Sweet dreams, readers!

Christchurch aims to search out and destroy invading rats with traps after rats destroy native bird life and damage homes

TV New Zealand reports that residents of Christchurch Port Hills have had enough of the ravaging rats which have been destroying native bird life, and damaging homes.  They’re gearing up the troops and fighting back with an arsenal of 350 traps which have so far, claimed the lives of 500 of the “filthy little buggers.”   (Come shop our galvanized steel traps so you can claim your bounty on the rats invading your business or home!)   One resident set only six traps and caught 150 rats!  (See!  Traps are VERY effective, environmentally friendly, and you can use them more than once, so they’re economical!)   The rats had been chewing through the electrical wires in his home (which can cause fires),  and he’s so pleased with the results of his traps he’s telling his neighbors to buy traps too.  The group Predator Free who is doing the trap programme says that the goal is to set over 4,000 traps in the next 2 years to work towards total eradication.   The traps are also intended for possums and stoats.

Wauwatosa, WI is fighting a living, squirming nightmare as rats invade without mercy! 


The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel writes that Wauwatosa, Wisconsin is undergoing an infestation so bad, the city council is determining whether to add a rat control program to the 2019 budget.  One resident caught 30 rats and a chipmunk, then reported that horrifyingly, the 30 rats in the trap were starting to eat the trapped chipmunk in a twisted remake of “Willard,” the famous rat horror movie of the 1970’s. (Can’t you just see poor Chipmunk backed up to the wall of the trap as the advancing gang of 30 hungry rats comes menacingly towards him??)   The health department does have a program of intervention and education to prevent rat infestations, but they are determining whether more aggressive measures are necessary including business and homeowner education, verification of rat burrows, issuing orders for noncompliance with city ordinance, and providing general information for rat mitigation.

SEATAC (Seattle-Tacoma International Airport) sees influx of travelers living at the airport a la Tom Hanks in “The Terminal”!

Fox News reports that SEATAC is battling a new influxof unwelcome travelers who are living at the airport like Tom Hanks in the movie “The Terminal,” and causing all kinds of mayhem in airport

restaurants due to over 120 ongoing construction projects in the air hub.  Restaurants and food vendors are battling back by doing deep cleans, repairing holes in walls, and the airport itself is investing almost half a million dollars in pest control programs adding more rat traps, finishing construction project which is improving the ceiling, and hiring four more employees to respond to related issues.  Health inspectors have been visiting the aiport weekly, and no restaurants or food vendors have needed to be shut down as Environmental Health has teamed up with the restaurants and the airport to help combat the threat.  We explored cooperative measures as a part of pest control programs in our recent blog article about rodent control technologies which provide a wide net including prevention and active control measures using GIS mapping, traps and education to implement effective programs. 


Back to Miami, where 13 restaurants have been temporarily closed down due to rats and their pals, the roaches!

If you’re hungry, you won’t be by the time you finish reading this article from the Miami Herald showcasing 13 restaurants in the Miami, Florida area that have been temporarily shut down for infestations of roaches and rats, including one Chinese restaurant that seems to be a popular place for the mice and rats to dine.  One rat was found sitting in flour—no doubt preparing, like our chef rat friend in “Ratatouille,” to make that day’s wonton soup.  The roaches seem to have the upper hand in in terms of sheer numbers of platoons—most of the issues in the restaurants centered on roaches, and only a couple of restaurants had rat issues.   The reasons?  Food was improperly covered, bug killing traps that apparently brought MORE bugs into the restaurant rather than killing them, not cleaning pots and pans effectively to avoid bugs being attracted to encrusted food debris, not cleaning dirt and debris enough on cooking surfaces and floors, not washing hands, not cleaning and disposing of used cooking grease properly, holes in kitchen walls that were not repaired, and perimeter walls and roofs not effectively protecting establishments against environmental cross contamination or the entrance of pests.

So much of pest control is really our responsibility and preventable if we are willing to do the work!

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