Ratastic News week, December 16th, 2019 “Rats Are Pretty Much All of Us” Edition

David Bennett David Bennett | December 14, 2019

Ah, the 9 to 5 rush.   We slog through our days with far too much to do, too many people to talk to, too many phone calls to answer, and never mind those voicemails we haven’t gotten to yet. We’ve got families to support, bills to pay, and retirement to save up for.  If we live in a city like New York, we know the press of the subway crush, standing room-only morning commute, folks clutching their coffee (some of us IV’d to that miracle brown brew).  And what’s it all for anyway, this endless chase for the almighty dollar?    While we’re working endlessly chasing the American dream, sometimes we see metaphors in nature that perfectly illustrate that endless chase.   In this edition, we’ll meet “Coffee Rat,” the new darling of New York City, and bundle up with Minneapolis Winter Rat, whose dead, frozen corpse show us the dangers of being inadequately dressed for the weather!


Last week’s quiz question: How long do rodents hibernate? (Not all Rodents hibernate)

Answer: The specific length depends on the species as dormancy can span from 5 to 8 months. Rodent hibernation usually starts in late September or October it ends between March and May. Mice and Rats do not hibernate, mostly Groundhogs, Chipmunks, Marmots and the like.

This week’s quiz question: Which common rodent pest is lactose intolerant ? 



Honorable mention, albeit a week late related to the story of the Rats dropping from the ceiling in NYC  in last week’s Ratastic News, hindsight being 20/20  Scott Mullaney from Unique Pest Management , who kindly collaborated with us on a case study of his remarkable effective business using Patterdale terrier’s, including ceiling specific applications should  be considered for instances such as this, have included the case study and encourage reviewing their website.       



Coffee Rat Shows Us Who We Are in Caffeine Fueled Rush Down Subway Platform

The morning commute is an American ritual—get up, start coffee, or stop by the local coffee shop on the way to work and order that triple grande no-foam latte (or soy), or maybe a red-eye black coffee with a shot of espresso.  Edward Abbey once said “Our culture runs on coffee and gasoline, the first often tasting like the second.”   It’s what gets us through our day. Maybe we’re bringing coffee to the boss, or for our office mates in our pod.   A lot of times we’re running late, making that mad dash to avoid rush hour!  Nothing illustrates this caffeine fueled rush better than a rat spotted dragging his coffee cup down a subway platform in New York City, caught on video which went instantly viral and may be the best thing since Pizza Rat (I mean, after all, this is new!  Other rats have been spotted dragging slices after the initial Pizza Rat made his debut).    USA Today reports: “NYCT Subway, an official Twitter account for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, also piped in, curious about what line “Coffee Rat” was waiting to board during the evening rush.  “Good evening,” NYCT Subway wrote. “Coffee Rat’s in a bit of a hurry. Can you tell us which line and platform at Franklin Av this is?”   The video caused one of New York’s blogs to imagine a name and a life for this rat, one of care and family problems and work. Another quipped that Coffee Rat was bringing coffee to his boss.  Another compared Coffee Rat to a New Yorker cover that shows a beaten down businessman, trench coat open, barely awake, clutching a coffee and his briefcase on the subway platform, waiting for the train.   Wherever Coffee Rat scurried off to, let’s hope he caught his train and doesn’t suffer the same fate as Subway Rat, who was probably scared out of his little mind at the screams and kicks of frightened passengers.  We wouldn’t want him to spill his coffee!



“Minnesota Nice” Isn’t Just a Saying In Minneapolis!

Winter snowstorms in Minnesota aren’t a joke as a dead rat on a pole in Minneapolis demonstrates!   The photo lends itself to many

questions.  Why did the rat climb the pole?   Was he trying to escape the rapidly deepening snow during the massive snowstorm that dumped two feet of snow on the area?   Did somebody put him on the pole?   Could coffee have saved him?   Alas, these are questions we will never have answers to, but the phrase “Minnesota Nice” was on full display over the days he was dead and frozen on that pole.  Snapped by a passerby, unclothed other than his fur, he demonstrated the dangers of not being clothed properly when the temperature dives below zero and snow swirling and raging all around.   An employee of a grain exporting company took a picture because she thought it was funny. City Pages describes the scene: “Weeks passed, and each day Violet drove past the same spot and saw the same scene: one rat, deceased and frozen solid—or at least very good at faking it—atop a traffic post. She took additional pictures to document its lack of progress, despite its location close to a local animal control office, not to mention numerous businesses.”   Compassion was visited upon the tiny corpse in the intervening weeks, whereupon he was given a tiny silver backpack and fitted with boots!   The warm clothing came too late for our little friend, but it’s good to know that folks in the Minneapple care.  






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  1. A little bite of cheese, the “LACTOSE INTOLERANT” mouse is sure to take ill from this trapper’s choice in the baiting of his trap. Time to break out the peanut butter. 😁

    1. Good afternoon Tim, suspect the answer to TBRTC quiz question, has several people awaiting through the week with anxious anticipation! Shall never tell prior to next the Ratastic News edition, so please be sure to tune in, love the message, brilliant no less, Make the week brilliant, cheers and thanks for taking time to comment.

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