Ratastic News Week “Labor Day” Edition!

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Oh, we’ve got ratrastrophes going on all over the world this holiday week folks!  Devastating floods in Kerala, India have killed hundreds—not by drowning, but by rat borne leptospirosis.  A holiday park in Dorset, England wakes up the neighbours—not with sounds of fun, but with sounds of the squeaks and scuffling paws of rats!   And back in the good ‘ol USA, where we Americans are enjoying our Labor Day holiday, in North Miami Beach, Florida, in a market (that turns out to have more than one rat problem), a crafty, meat loving rat HIDES in the most dangerous, improbable place possible in an unsuccessful bid to escape a health re-inspection 


Rotting livestock carcasses and the rats who eat them spreading leptospirosis after monsoons flood Kerala, India, killing hundreds of people

We have been talking about the diseases that result from rat infestations since the start of this business, and here is a practical illustration of how rat borne diseases can impact a large number of people quickly. This tragedy is no laughing matter and demonstrates why rat control is so essential.  According to Al-Jazeera, 34 deaths in Kerala, India, after monsoons flooded the region, are attributable to leptospirosis spread by the rotting carcasses of livestock drowned in the floods and the rats who have been eating them.  The leptospirosis bacteria from the rotting carcasses are leaching into the water supply.  515 cases were reported in the last 17 days, with 196 of those confirmed.   GulfNews India also reports that the disease, resulting from  the floods, is  also affecting prospective tourism in the state.  Officials are asking people who have been in the water to report to a medical facility immediately to determine whether or not they have leptospirosis.

Holiday at a resort in Dorset, England rapidly turns into a real life horror as rats infest resort to join holiday revelry

A family who failed to check TripAdvisor before they went to a resort in Dorset lived a nightmare of a

holiday mini-break last weekend , according to Metro.uk.    They paid 1250.00 pounds (1608.00 USD) to stay in a place that had rats running past their terrified daughter on the patio.   The public relations at the resort responded to his complaint on TripAdvisor assuring him that while rats are unwanted, they are also part of the territory along with other wildlife, but they do liase closely with pest control.  Metro.uk added that this fellow was not the only one to complain about the place: “Another visitor Murphy said: ‘when we were sitting outside we were greeted by a family of rats. We had to go inside and close the doors; the poor kids couldn’t play outside. I then noticed the numerous rat traps dotted around.”   The partying rats on holiday also woke the neighbours at the resort,  with their late night shenanigans.   The rats also tried to enter various lodges to visit with the tenants, but nobody would open the doors to them for fear they’d get in.   Party poopers.

Meanwhile, back in the States, a rat infested market in South Florida features a rat hiding in a butcher shop meat slicer!

Yes, you heard that right.  Local10.com reports that according to a food safety inspection report filed last week, an inspector found a live, large, meaty looking— (too far?) cheeky rat hiding in a meat slicer in the back of Laurenzo’s Italian Market in North Miami Beach.    The Italian market was promptly closed down August 15because inspectors found SIX dead rats in a cake finishing room (whether their deaths were a result of the cakes or baiting was not clear), and rat droppings throughout in the deli, bakery, seafood department and backroom storage.  The big boy hiding in the meat slicer was found on re-inspection! Brings to mind hilarious scene from Faulty Towers: A Biscuit with your Rat ?  

The market has been shut down again to prepare for a thirdinspection.  Rodent activity has forced the temporary closure of three other South Florida restaurants according to the publication.

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