New Orleans Rat tour & Customer innovation.

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Privileged to have attended both National Wildlife Control Operators – National Pest Management Associations joint meeting in New Orleans and the New York State Wildlife Management Association event in Syracuse this February 2018.

Engaged, listened, conversed from dedicated focused, hardworking people, located in USA and Canada. Diversity of applications crossing wide spectrum of methods to resolve nuisance animal pest issues, benefited from pictures, videos, commentary, open sharing from people in multiple facets of the pest control industry.

New Orleans- NWCOA – NPMA conference – The evening Rat Tour

Captivated by evening rat tour, facilitated by Tim Madere, Rodent expert for City of New Orleans, Epic knowledge of rat behavior and their domicile.

Pointed out absence of pigeons, at least one pest has been eliminated by natural predator, AKA the multiple variety of Rats in this city, fueled by New Orleans being global port entry for cargo ships, aside from usual suspect of Norway rats, colonial cousins for example Polynesian variety and others have now taken residence.

We promenaded into Lafayette park, one block square surrounded by downtown, buildings, containing statues, trees, shrubbery, open grassy areas, we were provided both ultra violet flash lights and Infrared red cameras.

For reconnaissance amidst the shrubbery, florescent dye is placed around the rat holes to see where they run, UV lights picked this up perfectly, cool, however no apparent signs of actual rats!
Infrared red cameras were fired up revealing abundant life busy bodying around our feet, standing in tree rooted planed landscaped shrubbery endowed areas, expanded exploration located rats frolicking in open grass areas, naked to the human eye. One brazen fellow came out into street obliging us, review footage.

Next stop, alleyway, restaurant located on corner, stopped at dumpster half way, used standard flashlights, illuminating 4-inch gap between wall, revealing 5 or 6 rats scrambling, climbing, scurrying, calculated exit strategy deployment, proving never underestimate the cunning, intellectual, instincts of the rat.



Highlighted New Orleans rat anomalies aside from the pigeon situation, including:

  • Cohabitation of different rat species.
  • Hunting in packs.

Tim shared wealth of knowledge on tour, inclusive of multiple methods for preparation and deployment to address the rat issue, albeit could not retain it all, working on engaging further to help us escalate detailed insight, information, instrumental helping to provide any public health and pest control community the tools for combatting urban rat infestation.


Customer Tip for Squirrel pest control using the MK4 Fenn trap

Andrew Cole from Song Dog Wild Life Management in Charlotte North Carolina, leveraged his knowledge in an innovative way for helping his customers with squirrel pest issues, when the application warrants utilizing the MK4 Fenn trap. He adds a strip of roof shingle to the treadle plate, resulting in the squirrel not able to sense the difference from the surface they are familiar, fully committing, he kindly shared this image showing modification.
In New Orleans, Andrew directed people to our booth, he contributes frequently on the NWCOA facebook page, we appreciate his support, loyalty, sharing knowledge, continued referrals and business.

Depending on variables regarding individual pest control encounters, diverse method requirements for each providing a safe, effective, long term remedy, the industrialized strength genuine Fenn trap continues to be an accepted artillery component to fight the war on rat and rodent issues.

Inspired by commitment of the people, companies to service their customers, who have engaged including business owners, deployment people, vendors, end users, growing number of customers at these events. Thanks for taking valuable time contributing, sharing knowledge, learn constantly, candid feedback is always welcomed.

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