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CBS News via MSN news reported two days ago that thousands of minks from a mink farm in Minnesota worth 750,000.00 had been set free, presumably by animal rights activists, and the search is still on for them.  To date, Lang Farms, the farm that owned the mink, has been trying to catch 30,000 to 40,000 of the escapees with nets.   We don’t know how that’s working for them, but we do know that knowledge is everything when it comes to trapping mink, or rats and while the mink farm probably doesn’t want to kill their mink because they depend on them for income, when it comes to trapping for a living, we posted an article about a man who does just that and is an expert in trapping.   His name is Glenn S. Waters, a trapper from Scotland, who wrote the book on the subject called Professional Rabbit Snaring for Professional and Amateur Trappers and Sportsmen. He once trapped 48 mink in three weeks incorporating the Fenn Mark 6 trap.

Photo image courtesy of Glenn. S. Waters.

Holding Mink Pelts (Not fish)

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