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Recognizing, understanding that one solution, product or method for

Pest control and Nuisance wildlife management control company’s does not fit the wide variety of environments, situations, circumstances companies are employed to manage and resolve.

Possessing formidable high performance engineered durable premium quality, long life, artillery strength products, solutions to deploy when application warrants using a specific method is paramount.

This article highlights the benefits of and the why, the genuine Fenn Trap line should be part of every pest control and nuisance wild life management control company’s arsenal to combat rats and other rodents.

There are numerous traps on the market. Why use ours?  This explains why we supply industrialized strength rodent traps, providing the optimum artillery for deployment when application fits for pest control and nuisance wildlife management control company’s, supporting their customer on going fight in the war on Rat and other rodent infestation.

“The Fenn trap was invented as a more humane replacement for the old “gin” leg-hold trap when it was banned in the UK in 1957.  Alan Albert Fenn started his business A. Fenn and Co., in Redditch, Worcestershire, England in 1958.  His trap underwent continual development with the Mk. 4 and 6 models being the latest versions.  Although Alan Fenn died in 2001, DB Springs of Redditch in Worcestershire still make some 30,000/year to the original Fenn design in the same factory.

Beware of Flimsy None Genuine imitation copies “Fen Traps.” 

Genuine Fenn traps say “A Fenn” on them, with two “N’s,” not one “N.”

  • Quality construction and power—The Genuine Fenn Trap is made of high quality galvanized steel. we have case studies some who have used them for years, without the springs or automatic trigger breaking down or becoming weaker with use.The genuine Fenn traps are engineered and made with consistent quality. They are powerful, this power results in quick, humane killing of target animals.   (We recommend placing the traps in a natural or artificial box or cage tunnel/enclosure to house the trap for safety, avoiding injury to non-target animals, children, pets etc. springing the trap causing injury. For this reason, ALWAYS USE THE SAFETY CATCH.  Proper setting of the trap can be found here on our website.
  • English Country Life also has a step by step photo essay on how to set the trap, and useful instructions on how to construct a tunnel box to house the trap in.
  • If required, we also supply both wooden box or wire cage artificial tunnels, specifically to house the MK4 and MK6 Fenn traps.
  • Variety of rodents the Fenn trap can be used for:The versatile genuine Fenn trap line can be used for rats weasels, mink, stoats, moles, squirrels, chipmunks, musk rats, rabbits and mice.  The traps can be dressed to target each species utilizing numerous variations, an example shared with us is placing a shingle strips on the trigger plate so that target animals don’t notice the difference from roof and trigger plate, thus fully committing. Bait maybe used on the trigger plate, although not always necessary if prior knowledge of where the animals run. (If using bait for rats recommend the food source they are currently feeding upon, due to their naturally shrewd, circumspect nature.) Dressing the artificial tunnel box or cage with soft bedding and coving the trap with insulation or tissue paper, will disarm the rat as they are always looking for bedding when building, maintaining their nests —the possibilities are endless, you may use your personal preferences for whatever species you are attempting to trap and encourage sharing the results with us.
  • Effective because rodents in North America have not seen the Fenn trap before, the trap is easily disguised when set in tunnels as lays flat when armed, easily adaptable to the habits of the target animal.

We encourage, welcome hearing from you about: –

  • Target animals?
  • Methods you are using and why?
  • How you are deploying and the results?


Order the genuine industrialized Fenn traps as part of artillery for your tool box today.

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