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Rodent Control Technologies: The Wave of The Future

Snapshot of emerging methods and technology for rodent pest control, combatting urban rat infestation.

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Ratastic Newsflash “Travelling, Hungry Rats Edition” week of September 10th, 2018.

English soccer star Rat encounter “ Ive never been taken out by a rat”. New Zealand’s aggressive rat control initiative. Wisconsin gruesome tale of trapped Chipmunk. Airport rats in Seattle. Additional restaurant incidents in Miami.

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Ratastic Newflash for week of August 27-Sept 1, “Labor Day” Edition!

Gruesome rat disease plagues India. Extracurricular activity for holidays makers in Dorset, England. Not to be outdone, Rats hiding in Minami Beach meat slicer, includes Epic Rat related video from BBC comedy series Faulty Towers.

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Ratastic Newsflash week of August 27th, 2018 “Rats Here and Here and Oops, NOT Here!” Edition

Splendidly illustrated Washington Post Report. Startling grey area on map in tweet referencing Alberta. Historical story of rat eradication in Alberta from the 1950’s, contains hilarious (Must watch) info video. Unique themed Rat ball in New Jersey.

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knowledge and resources related to the trapping and pest control Industries - includes case studies. enclosure blueprints, industry and product related videos, and answers to frequently asked questions.