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Rodent Control in Residential Apartment Complexes

Management strategy and options for rodent control for residential apartment complexes.

Final part of commercial rat control series: Rat Control Practices in Agriculture

Methods of pest control for agricultural industry, including statistics, third party recommendations, knowledge from topic related agencies and other resources.

Rodent Control in Industry Part 2 : Rat Control in Healthcare Facilities

Integrated Pest Management for Healthcare facilities.

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An Ounce of Exclusion is Worth a Pound of Cure

IPM is a decision-making process that emphasizes prevention, knowledge of pest biology, and the use of least-disruptive control tactics, with pesticides saved as a last resort. Exclusion is a preventative measure in IPM that seeks to stop rat and other rodent infestations before they begin.

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Ratastic Newsflash for the week of March 18th, 2019 “The Gods Must Be Crazy” Edition

California Mountain Lion with mange inked with Rat Poison. Kid who drank Rat poison endured now Golf Pro. Naughty rats party like it’s 1999 in religious institution and caught in theft of diamond earrings.

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Our Knowledge and Resource Center

knowledge and resources related to the trapping and pest control Industries - includes case studies. enclosure blueprints, industry and product related videos, and answers to frequently asked questions.