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Not just a rat trap: Fenn Traps, Moles and Prairie Dogs

Although we are the British Rat Trap Company, in our product line we have the formidable Fenn Scissor and loop Mole traps . In this article, we will explore the mole, expert tunneler and furrower of yards the nation over, and prairie dogs, and honorable mention of a wildlife control operator who is expanding use […]

Uninvited Seasonal Trick or Treat Roof Rat Residence

Up On The Roof:  Identifying and Strategies for Eradicating Roof Rats If you notice that a little rat is getting away from the rat race of the world just  like the James Taylor song, take note: Don’t be fooled by their cuteness.  The roof rat, otherwise known as the black rat, is a major problem […]

Rats: Smarter than Us and Not So Different.

We’ve talked a little bit about how smart rats are, but in this article, we’re going to go full throttle and really dig into how smart these little critters are, highlighting why they are formidable adversaries. Rats have been savvy enough for hundreds of years to survive everything from the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius that […]

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Rat Newsflash Features NewYork and Chicago—week of November 12th, 2017

Manhattan has “Pizza Rat,” and now he has a hipster friend in Brooklyn’s “Avocado Rat” A while back, Manhattan’s Pizza Rat was filmed carrying a full slice down the street.  Pizza Rat became a bit of a hero to the folks in Manhattan, and now Brooklyn has a hipster counterpart in Avocado Rat, who the […]

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Newsflash for the week of 23rd October 2017—The Halloween Edition!

You are never more than six feet from a rat!  Innocent Looking and Cute Red Squirrels Traded by the Vikings May Have Brought Leprosy to England Look at that cute little face!!  That red coat!   That fluffy tail!   Who knew that the Vikings (no, not the Minnesota football team) but the fearless, adventurous, and vicious […]

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Topical Newsflash for week of October 16, 2017

Chicago wins!  No, not the baseball team— Orkin Pest Control Company has named the Windy City the Rat Capital of the Country for the third year in a row.   The scary part is Orkin makes its choice from the amount of pest control calls ordered for residential and commercial—imagine all the people who deal with […]

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