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The Illustrious British and American History of the Rodent Trap

Building a Better Rat Trap: When you look around your house, you would not think that the plain rat trap would have anything interesting behind it.  You buy it, you set it and you forget about it until you hear it snap. Then you empty it and reset it and that’s it.   .A rat trap […]

Rat Poison: Outlawed Poisons are Still Killing Rats, Your Pets, People and Endangered Species

A cougar found dead in California recently was found to be killed by rat poison that has been outlawed for years.  This shows that rat poisons can go on killing years after they are pulled from the shelves  The in the state so this is particularly poignant.  The LA Times in a recent opinion piece […]

Not just a rat trap: Fenn Traps, Moles and Prairie Dogs

Although we are the British Rat Trap Company, in our product line we have the formidable Fenn Scissor and loop Mole traps . In this article, we will explore the mole, expert tunneler and furrower of yards the nation over, and prairie dogs, and honorable mention of a wildlife control operator who is expanding use […]

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Ratastic Newsflash, Friday the 13th edition…

Topical global news stories on rat and rodent infestation, public health issues and eco friendly pest control methods.

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Rats in Space! A Short History

Expansive knowledge, facts and information related to rats and other rodents.

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Ah! Spring. Get Ready for the Invasion!

Update equipment this springtime to combat animal pests.

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